Koochiching County Maps

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Take a look at any of the hundreds of maps found here showing all of Koochiching County, both rural and subdivided property.

These maps are high resolution, TIFF images.  If you use Windows 95, 98, Me or XP, you should be able to simply click on the file name to download and view these images.  Many other graphics programs will also allow you to view these maps.  You can zoom in or out to view whatever detail you like.  Because they are high resolution, some of the file sizes are large (up to 400 kb).  On average, file sizes are approximately 200 kb.  If you need a graphics viewer, try "Alternatiff" which you can download by clicking here.  Alternatiff is a web browser plug-in that will allow you to view these maps directly within your web browser.

Included here are two categories of maps.  The first category, township maps, show all of Koochiching County, one township at a time.  A township is an area laid out by the original government surveyor.  Townships are generally square, six miles long on each side.  These maps are useful to find detail down to about the forty acre parcel level.  The second category of maps are plat or subdivision maps.  These maps show lots, blocks, streets and alleys in areas that were formally subdivided for development.

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