Plats / Subdivision Maps of Koochiching County

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Auditor's Plats Auditor's plats are not formal subdivisions.  In order to more easily identify existing parcels of real estate, Minnesota County Auditors sometimes commission a surveyor to draw a map of those existing parcels and give them a lot number designation simply for ease of reference in accounting for real estate taxes.  Those shorthand lot numbers are often used later by property owners to describe their property.
Historic Plats Includes plats linked elsewhere but for ease of reference, some of the subdivisions that were historically significant are listed together here.
International Falls Includes all formally subdivided plats within International Falls.
Ranier & East of
International Falls
This group includes those subdivisions lying east of International Falls including Ranier and the Rainy Lake subdivisions.
Villages and Rural 
Plats Excluding 
Ranier and East of
International Falls
Includes formal subdivisions of Littlefork, Big Falls, Gemmell, Ericsburg, Ray, Mizpah, Northome and all rural plats excluding those in the Rainy Lake area.

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