Township Maps for Koochiching County

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These township maps were prepared by the Koochiching County Engineer's office.  They were last updated in 1991.  While the information contained in them is useful for many purposes, they cannot be presumed precisely accurate.

A township is a geographic area of approximately 36 square miles.  Townships are laid out in a grid identified by their township line numbers and their range line numbers .  You may find these identification numbers on deeds, mortgages, tax statements, or by asking a real estate professional.

Click the links below to download township maps.  Each map covers one township.

Townships 63 through 66 Townships 67 through 71

Townships 151 through 155

Townships 156 through 160
T63 R22 T67 R22 T151 R25 T156 R25
T63 R23 T67 R23 T151 R26 T156 R26
T63 R24 T67 R24 T151 R27 T156 R27
T63 R24 T67 R25 T151 R28 T156 R28
T63 R25 T67 R26 T151 R29 T156 R29
T63 R26 T67 R27 T152 R25 T157 R25
T63 R27 T68 R22 T152 R26 T157 R26
T64 R22 T68 R23 T152 R27 T157 R27
T64 R23 T68 R24 T152 R28 T157 R28
T64 R24 T68 R25 T152 R29 T157 R29
T64 R25 T68 R26 T153 R25 T158 R25
T64 R26 T68 R27 T153 R26 T158 R26
T64 R27 T69 R22 T153 R27 T158 R27
T65 R22 T69 R23 T153 R28 T158 R28
T65 R23 T69 R24 T153 R29 T158 R29
T65 R24 T69 R25 T154 R25 T159 R25
T65 R25 T69 R26 T154 R26 T159 R26
T65 R26 T69 R27 T154 R27 T159 R27
T65 R27 T70 R22 T154 R28 T159 R28
T66 R22 T70 R23 T154 R29 T159 R29
T66 R23 T70 R24 T155 R25 T160 R26
T66 R24 T70 R25 T155 R26 T160 R27
T66 R25 T70 R26 T155 R27 T160 R28
T66 R26 T70 R27 T155 R28 T160 R29
T66 R27 T71 R22 T155 R29  
  T71 R23    
  T71 R24    

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